Should I Have A Side Hustle?

Just what is a side hustle anyway?  

For most people it is a second job to help the pay off debts, or just have a little extra spending money.

There are really two options:

  1. Work an extra job
  2. Own your own business

An Extra Job.

Unfortunately most part-time jobs don’t pay what you earn at your full-time job.  In reality, you are devaluing yourself to work two jobs. It is understandable that until you can prove to yourself that you can own and operate a business that you would “work for the man!”; but don’t sell yourself short with your extra time.  You can earn much more!

Own Your Own Business

If you are looking to earn some more money with a side hustle, why not start a small business.  Did you know that you can double your income, just fire your boss? That’s right, if you become the boss, you make the boss’ portion and yours too!

Today, it is estimated that about 44 million Americans have a side hustle – most are freelancers selling their talent, products and services online.  Examples: building websites, recording voices, editing content, writing content, mowing yards, painting rooms, and 1000’s of other great ideas.

In later blogs we will get into the specifics of certain gigs, but for now – consider that you should stop renting your life and own it instead.  Become a freelancer and own your own business.  

At Unify! CoOp we show you how to own your own business, escape economic slavery and share in the profits of our community through Sharing Capitalism™.

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